1. You can shape each individual strip of lashes into an arch to make them easier to apply.
  2. Start with the lashes with the magnets underneath the strip. Place the strip on top of your own lashes as close to the outer corner of your eye and the lashline as possible. Gently place the lashes down.
  3. Next, grab the lashes with the magnets on top of the strip. Hold your eye open and place the strip under your own lashes where the magnets should connect with each other.
  4. To remove the false eyelashes, hold the magnets between your fingertips and gently slide them apart. Note! Do not pull on the lashes when the magnets are connected – this might damage the lashes.
  5. Tip: To place the lashes as close to your lashline as possible, use tweezers to place the bottom strip and lift your upper eyelid at the same time with your other hand. Remember: practice makes perfect!

For a tutorial on how to apply Miraque Magnetic Eyelashes, watch the video below:

If you’d like a personal tutorial on how to use magnetic eyelashes, please contact your closest retailer for a consultation. This will give you the opportunity to choose the lashes that best suit you together with your consultant, who will then give you one-to-one guidance on how to use your lashes.

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